Change Network launches new low code health check

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Change Network, founded by former Socitm Advisory duo Kate Lindley and Georgia Thwaites, has launched a new low code CRM support service, including a low cost, Low Code CRM Health Check with the aim of supporting organisations to accelerate customer-centric transformation.

The health check is designed to support councils already using, or thinking of using, low code CRM platforms, to ensure key foundations are in place to ensure successful delivery.

Change Network’s low code services span the end-to-end procurement, design and implementation of low code solutions, and are designed to help organisations get the best from their existing low code CRM technology and support those considering using it low code to put core foundations in place.

Georgia Thwaites, Co-Founder and director said: “So often we talk to clients, and they’ve started to build out services on their CRM platform without really thinking about the foundations, and in some cases, the standards and skillsets that they really need.  There are a few basic things we’d recommend every organisation does to implement low code CRM successfully and want to help councils to ensure that they put these in place to avoid costly mistakes and optimise the overall customer experience so what’s built gets well used.”

“We understand councils are facing massive budget pressures and need to balance improving service delivery while continuing to save money. We’ve set up Change Network to help with these challenges, bringing real world experience of ‘what works’, working together with a small network of trusted partners to bring the best of everyone’s skills and capabilities.”

Georgia’s business partner, Kate Lindley added: “We understand success it’s not about the technology alone.  To truly transform you need to radically rethink how things are done and bring people with you, as well as having the right foundations in place.”

“Together our team brings more than 50 years of experience successfully supporting councils and public service providers to implement customer-centric, digitally enabled essential services that are proven to have saved money and improve outcomes.”

Change Network is offering a range of services including Low Code Health checks, CRM Discovery services, specification and selection support and help with implementation.  To find our more visit – Low Code CRM Support – Change Network

Change Network launched in Summer 2023 and works with councils and essential service providers to deliver smarter, customer-centric transformation at an affordable price.

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