7cs – Conditions for Success

Creating the conditions for success

Transformation can be challenging and not all transformation projects and programmes achieve their intended outcomes. The guidance below is designed to help organisations to maximise the conditions for successful transformation.

Change Network’s 7Cs Conditions for Success model is licensed free for any organisation to use and to be built upon for non-commercial purposes.

To meet the 7 Conditions for Success, organisations need:

Clarity: A clear vision of the intended end state, what the change is trying to achieve and why, reinforced regularly.

Collaboration: To involve anyone impacted by the change, or who needs to contribute to delivering the change early, and keep them involved throughout.

Commitment: To delivering the change, working effectively with stakeholders to overcome risks and issues.

Capability: The right skills, knowledge and behaviours in place to deliver the change. 

Capacity: Enough capacity in place to both deliver the change and to be able to absorb and manage it.

Control: Effective governance and escalation processes in place so that the change is well managed and given priority alongside other activities.

Culture: The overall readiness for change to be maximised across the organisation, aligning the first 6cs and the organisations values, behaviours, strategy and communication to be effective.

The 7Cs is a model that is proven across a wide range of essential service providers and designed to be a tool to use at the start of a project and then ongoing during it.

We have created a handy downloadable guide as a checklist to help you assess your readiness for change and transformation.

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