Our People

The Change Network Team is a bunch of skilled and experienced professionals with a strong social conscience, who have come together to deliver positive change in a different way.

Everyone who works with, or for, Change Network has one thing in common – a commitment to improving essential services.

At the heart of what we do is a deep love, care and respect for the people that we work for, and with, and a belief in the difference we can make together.

Our Team

Kate Lindley

Co Founder and Director

Kate Lindley - Headshot

Georgia Thwaites

Co Founder and Director

Georgia Thwaites - Headshot

Jacqui Stoggall


Jacqui Stoggall - Headshot image

Emma Hudson

Managing Consultant

Creating the right team for you

We can provide a multidisciplinary team which has the specific expertise and resources you need. Our people are used to working with each other, so hit the ground running.

We often work in integrated client and partner / multi-vendor teams, using our expertise to complement yours.  This helps to transfer knowledge and develop your own internal capability, leaving you in a great place to carry on when we’ve gone.

How we work

We are most often asked to supply teams that either deliver specific work packages, or partner to support longer term transformation, but we can also provide individuals to fill gaps in your capability or capacity or solely provide advisory services if that is all you need.

We like to do work that makes a difference, so it doesn’t matter whether it’s a single day’s workshop, or a long-term partnership, we ensure quality and commitment every time.

Where the work gets done

Our teams are sometimes co-located with our clients, but we’re experts at remote working with clients and colleagues across the UK.

We believe in ‘meeting with purpose’ so when we do need to meet face to face, our teams can come to you, or can host meetings and workshops in shared workspaces across the country.

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