Social Value Policy

At Change Network we understand that how we do business is as important as what we do.

For us, social value isn’t about ticking boxes, complying with legal requirements, or winning points during a procurement exercise, fundamentally it’s about who we are and how we choose to operate.

The lived experience of our founder directors feeds a set of organisational values that have social value at their heart.

“As a ‘council estate kid’ from a household that often struggled with debt, mental health issues and complex life challenges, I’ve been very lucky to have benefited from some great educational opportunities, and opportune ‘hand ups’ throughout my education and later, in my career, without which I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in today.  For me, it’s critically important that we use Change Network as a way of adding value and enabling similar opportunity for others.”  

Kate Lindley, Founding Director, Change Network

“Fundamentally Change Network exists to solve problems and have a positive impact – and when we look at the biggest problems society is facing – from climate change to complex and increasing demand pressures on local services, we must look at ourselves as a catalyst for that change.  Our behaviour matters. Creating a Social Value Policy is only the first step, our commitment as directors of the company is to live and breathe it in everything we do.”

Georgia Thwaites, Founding Director, Change Network

We believe that business, done well, can be a force for good.  By considering social value in all the decisions we take, including the way we operate, employ staff, engage with our customers and their communities, and procure products and services, our aim is to enable a more sustainable, resilient, and inclusive society.

Our Social Value vision is simple:

“To leave a positive and lasting legacy in the communities where we live and work, and for the customers we serve.”

We will achieve this by making three different types of promises covering economic, social and environmentally focused actions:

  • The first set of promises relate to things we are passionate about and the difference we want to make as an organisation ourselves.
  • The second set of promises are promises made to our customers to support them, through our actions, in the delivery of their own Social Value ambitions.
  • The third set of promises relate to how we will visibly and transparently share our progress.
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