Our Services

Change Network specialises in customer focused, efficient service delivery.

We work to bring people, process, data and technology considerations together to ensure impacts are understood and to create solutions that ensure change sticks.

Our Services include:


Undertaking diagnostics to baseline understanding of, and developing plans to improve:

  • Digital Maturity
  • Customer Experience
  • Change Readiness and more!

Strategy & Business Case

Design and development of strategies and business cases to support the delivery of organisational outcomes, such as:

  • Digital Strategy,
  • Customer Strategy,
  • Change Strategy and more

Creation of Business Cases to make change happen, such as implementing new technology solutions or programmes to redesign services to improve customer experiences.

Procurement Support

Providing support to develop specifications, and select new technology, or services to enable your change programme

Programme and Projects

Design of project and programmes, including governance frameworks, plans and resources to deliver the desired outcomes and benefits

Delivery of projects and programmes, using AGILE, Prince2 and MSP methodologies, providing specialist knowledge, expertise and experience having been there and done it ourselves

Health check and independent assurance of project and programme delivery to provide you confidence you are on the right track, or maybe identifying a need to course correct.

Service Design

Supporting you to use best practice techniques to take a user centric approach to designing services, by:

  • Undertaking User Research to capture customer experiences, developing personas, customer journey maps etc
  • Understanding the service blueprints, current pain points and constraints
  • Creating ideas to solve problems, with the user needs in mind
  • Developing and testing prototypes through Alpha and Beta phases, including roll out of technology

We can also provide a Design as a Service offer to build service design capabilities within your organisation, providing knowledge transfer on the job, reducing our support over time.


Supporting you to implement new technology, including low code platforms and enterprise solutions for essential services, using a combination of service packages such as programme management, design, procurement support, business change and so on.

Business Change

Delivering on the Change Strategy, by planning the most effective interventions required to deliver the change and make it stick. This includes providing:

  • Stakeholder Management
  • Communications and Engagement
  • Change Impact Assessments
  • Culture Assessment and interventions
  • Training
  • Leading through change coaching
  • Business Readiness Assessments

Service Optimisation

Optimising your service delivery, by identifying where there are opportunities to improve process, technology, governance or wider operating model components which are holding you back from delivering your service or business plan.

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